Variety wallpaper manager

Via, there is a link to the Variety wallpaper manager:

Available for Linux systems, there is an entry in Freshports for it:

I haven’t got access to my FreeBSD system at the moment to try it out, but it looks like there are a nice set of features and sources offered.

Something to check out.

(Post partially brought to you by an effort to blog a little more)


Quick Links – 2022-12-01

I often post links to things of interest on my Twitter account, but I want to experiment with a different format and through my blog instead. So this serves as the first post of this type and a test of the workflow through Ulysses to WordPress.

Not so Common Desktop Environment (NsCDE) 2.2 released

I like the CDE look, and this project brings some modern quality-of-life benefits to the mix. I’ve tried it out before, but need to give it a try on my FreeBSD box.

IceWM 3.1 released

Another window manager I’ve dabbled with briefly. The window tabs sound interesting.