FreeBSD package update breaks KDE desktop effects

I recently updated the packages on my FreeBSD 13.1 machine, but something broke the desktop effects in KDE which provides things like wobbly windows, various transitions, and the shadow effects around windows.

I’m putting this post up to try to seek help on the matter, and I’ll update it when I find a solution.

I’m not sure when the packages for FreeBSD on the quarterly update cycle actually update, but I’m presuming January is one of those moments due to the large number of packages that wanted to update.

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KDE 5.25

KDE 5.25 was recently released, and I wondered how long a new release takes to show up for FreeBSD.

I asked the ever-helpful @FreeBSDHelp about this.

The response was that it depends on how much might need to be updated, but that there is a proactive team that works on bringing KDE to FreeBSD.

There are a couple of useful links there. You also likely need to be on the latest rather than quarterly packages. I’ll update my repo config at some point for that.

There’s also a GitHub repo you can keep your eye on.