Gauntlet 4 has an awesome soundtrack

Gauntlet 4
Gauntlet 4

Discovered recently that Gauntlet 4 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive has an awesome soundtrack. I’d been randomly exploring some X68k music using MDX Player for iOS and happened to check Gauntlet out.

The game features a 4 player port of the original and some new modes like an RPG Quest Mode. Some more details:

Couple of decent YouTube links below.

There’s a good time stamped one with just the soundtrack. Things kick off properly at the 02:22 mark with the Back of Beyond track:

Next, there’s a video of a playthrough of the quest mode if you want to see the game in action and music in context. Obviously, the person playing knows what they’re doing and makes it look easy 🙂


Xenoblade Chronicles X

Alana Hagues at Nintendo Life has a soapbox post entitled Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Influence Is Bigger Than You Think.

I first played Xenoblade Chronicles X in 2016, when I had recently obtained a 2nd-hand Wii U to explore some of the unique titles it offered. I was quite impressed, and the Gamepad features really delivered useful features like the map. Furthermore, I recall posting to Miiverse at the time at how cool the massive creature designs were compared to No Man’s Sky on my PS4 (the game was a little sparse on launch, but has obviously grown and improved since then).