I’m Tom, a 40-something father to two young children. I have an interest in technology. I particularly like my Apple gear, but love to dive into other things too. I love old tech from my ZX Spectrum to Amiga computers and have an interest in various operating systems. I’m particularly interested in UI design and how that has been implemented in operating systems old and new.

My computing history goes a little like this:

  • BBC Micro at primary school. I was fascinated by what I was seeing on-screen and wanted to know how to make it do that kind of stuff.
  • ZX Spectrum +2A. My first computer that arrived as a Christmas present. This broke a few weeks into its life and we couldn’t get a replacement. That led to…
  • Commodore 64. I loved this little thing and used it for many years into about 1996. Programmed things in BASIC.
  • PC with DOS and Windows 3.11.
  • Windows 95/98.
  • Linux, in the era of early Red Hat, Mandrake, Slackware.
  • BeOS.
  • Windows Server at work.
  • Mac OS X from 10.3, just before 10.4 Tiger came out. Have stayed there ever since.
  • Keep experimenting with various operating system new and old.
  • Trying to get into FreeBSD and other BSDs in general as time allows these days.